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Good fun! I wish it didn't black out at the end and just got more and more difficult, but I still enjoyed my time! 

This is more of a Amplified car crash physics simulator

agreed lo

Deleted post

Why are kids arguing over a app? 

Hey there, played the game on my channel, enjoyed it very much! ♥ Love the music =)


Please bring its download version






Hi I’m sanna and yes tictoc is better


Ding Dong your option is wrong


Splish splash your opinion is trash.


Bump Thump your opinion is a bump.


Ding Dang your opinion is bad


what does this game have to do with tik tok




who cares little 4 year old it's a game.

idiot and tiktok is not a game.


I like it but.....



Very Fun 


You should check out my video on the game, (it's below your comment).

My video on the game. 🍻🍻🤪🍻🍻


I hate your videos 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


let’s go tic toc


haahahahah omg imagine playing this with VR!
so funny

Ohhh lmao, that would be great!

well there is driving while black in vr

im tripping balls 

moonsine is easy and is supposed to be hard mode

ha ha the song

Can anyone tell me the name of the song

cool game from bossdrake


Not bad game at all... makes you feel sick though after a while lol....




don't drive drunk

Very true. 🍻🤪🚗

pizza pizza pizza.... where it a dough...?????



Sounds like a good song to get drunk to, I think.. I actually started thinking this was real for a second, I was on moonshine, score was 0, things got blurred quick, but I was doing my best to stay on the road.

nice song choice here

very fun game. makes me wish there was a DD&DS 2K19 and 2K20.

link to the LD page where the exe can be DL'd:

I like song

its all black


ikr, wait nvm, just wait patiently

like how patiently?

Its fun

just went black in mid game


Me 2 bud


i can't play

This was cute and fun! I played it for my youtube channel if you wanna check it out!

nice game drive like

why does the screen cut out rather than getting worse? even fading in and out would be better. this was alot of fun but then it ended with no warning just as it was getting difficult.


I love this game, but please what is the name of the song


Okay that was pretty damn entertaining but the blackscreen killed it waaay to soon, i was just on the verge of being 100% blind!


The game is only really challenging on Moonshine difficulty, and even then I was able to deal with it pretty well... but then the game just went black after a certain point of drunkenness? No game over or anything? Lame.


i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvve it

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Dude, please add some mouse actions to gameplay 
Something like you should catch a fly in the car , dunno

i lol'd
i'ts  amazing

Cool game. Please add in the link to ldjam where this entry is so I can rate it.

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